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The Woman Behind Baja’s Own Cali Kombucha

CALI KOMBUCHA: Revolutionizing Wellness in Baja California Sur

Cali Kombucha
Cali Kombucha

In the vibrant heart of the California Ranch Market, amidst a bustling crowd and inviting aromas of fresh produce, a remarkable event unfolded. It highlighted local craftsmanship and the growing health-conscious community in Baja California Sur. As team members of The Cabo Magazine, Anna and Ivan, we had the delight of meeting Vanessa. She’s the innovative force behind Cali Kombucha, a brand quickly becoming a regional staple known for its uniquely crafted kombucha.

A Unique Tasting Event

Vanessa’s dedication to health, quality, and community shines through every Cali Kombucha bottle. She treated guests to an exclusive tasting during the event, showcasing the fresh, vibrant flavors that set her kombucha apart. The Mango variety emerged as a personal favorite, challenging given the high quality of all flavors.

Every bottle of Cali Kombucha is a journey into the art of fermentation, blending traditional methods with innovative flavors. It’s not merely a drink, but a symphony of taste that revitalizes the body and soul with every sip.

The Artisan Behind the Brew

Moreover, Vanessa made it a point to connect with each attendee. She shared the story and intricate process behind her kombucha. Her openness and enthusiasm made the experience unforgettable. It’s rare to meet a founder as involved and passionate as Vanessa, committed to ensuring everyone enjoys her kombucha and understands the benefits of organic ingredients.

Cali Kombucha
Cali Kombucha

Cali Kombucha: Where to find this

Cali Kombucha’s presence stretches across Baja California Sur, featured in places like the Baja Brewing Company  and the California Ranch Market. It has captivated locals and visitors in San José del Cabo, Pescadero, Todos Santos and more; it is also available in a variety of venues, including health food stores, organic markets, tea shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and at private events and hotels. For those interested in exploring all the flavors or finding out where these delightful beverages can be enjoyed, Cali Kombucha’s website provides a wealth of information. https://cali-kombucha.com/

For our readers in the United States and Canada, it’s worth noting that Cali Kombucha has not yet crossed international borders, but rest assured, this is an A1 product. The buzz surrounding Vanessa’s kombucha suggests it’s only a matter of time before this sensational beverage is available near you. For those fortunate enough to be in the Baja California Sur area, don’t miss the opportunity to experience Cali Kombucha firsthand.

What are the Benefits of Kombucha?

Kombucha, the cornerstone of Cali Kombucha’s offerings, is more than just a refreshing beverage. This fermented tea is celebrated for its myriad health benefits that align perfectly with today’s wellness trends. Rich in probiotics, it aids in digestion and enhances gut health, creating a foundation for improved overall well-being. Its detoxifying properties support liver function, while antioxidants fight free radicals, promoting a healthier immune system. Additionally, kombucha’s unique fermentation process imbues it with vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining energy levels and supporting metabolic processes. Integrating Kombucha into your daily routine is not just a choice for flavor, but a step towards a balanced, health-conscious lifestyle.


Cali Kombucha
Cali Kombucha


Meeting Vanessa and experiencing Cali Kombucha was more than just a tasting event; it was a testament to the impact of local entrepreneurship and quality craftsmanship. As we left the California Ranch Market, excitement for Cali Kombucha’s future and a renewed commitment to supporting this remarkable brand filled us.

Cali Kombucha stands out as an exceptional choice for anyone looking to enhance their health regimen or simply enjoy a tasty, refreshing drink. We are grateful to Vanessa for her hospitality and the opportunity to share in her passion for kombucha, looking forward to being long-time customers of Cali Kombucha.”

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