Old Lighthouse Golf and Ocean Club

old lighthouse golf
About Us

The Old Lighthouse Golf and Ocean Club exudes an enchanting blend of magic, beauty, and history. Now, for the first time, this extraordinary destination is available to you. Situated in Cabo, it stands as the epitome of luxury living, seamlessly merging unparalleled natural splendor with a laid-back lifestyle. Here, you can embrace life’s true essence, focusing on what truly matters and investing in meaningful connections. To learn more, reach out to us via phone at 800-479-0154 (US) or 624-142-1399 (Mexico), or connect with us via email at olc@imiliving.com. Visit our website at oldlighthouseclub.com or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/oldlighthouseclub. Join us in experiencing the Old Lighthouse Golf and Ocean Club – where every moment is infused with significance. (Date: February 1, 2021)