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Los Cabos Guide: Must-Know information

For those planning their first trip to Cabo San Lucas, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to ensure you’re well-prepared for this captivating Mexican destination. Whether you’re an experienced traveler or a newcomer to Mexican shores, Cabo San Lucas offers an enchanting experience worth exploring.

💰 Money Matters:
In Mexico, the official currency is the Mexican Peso. However, Cabo San Lucas and its surrounding areas simplify the travel experience by widely accepting the American dollar, as well as major credit cards. This eliminates the need for currency exchange, ensuring a hassle-free journey from the start.

🗣️ English is Welcomed:
Navigating a foreign country is made easier in Cabo San Lucas, where many locals are proficient in English. This language convenience ensures that communication is effortless and that you’ll feel comfortable and understood.

💳 Payment Preferences:
For payment convenience, consider using your credit cards wherever they are accepted. Many establishments do not impose additional fees for transactions in an alternate currency. Nonetheless, it’s wise to carry some cash as well. Certain places, such as street vendors, flea markets, and beachside souvenir shops, may only accept cash. The good news is that many of these cash-only spots also welcome US dollars or Pesos. Opting to pay in Pesos can yield a more favorable exchange rate.

🏦 Banking and ATMs:
You’ll find major local banks in Mexico, including BBVA, CITIBANAMEX, BANORTE, HSBC, SCOTIABANK, and SANTANDER. These banks typically operate from 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays, with some branches extending their hours until 2 pm on Saturdays. Each bank provides ATM services available 24/7. When using ATMs, exercise caution, and consider the buddy system when withdrawing significant amounts of money.

👩🏻‍💼 Stay Street Smart:
While strolling in Mexico, remain vigilant of traffic, as adherence to traffic rules by drivers can be inconsistent. Always adhere to proper safety guidelines when crossing streets, using designated crosswalks, and being aware of the surrounding vehicles. While Los Cabos ranks as one of Mexico’s safest tourist destinations, it’s advisable to stay within the designated tourist areas. For your nighttime adventures, consider utilizing hotel taxis or pre-arranged private transportation. These drivers are friendly, bilingual, and well-informed, ensuring your safety while you enjoy your night out.

🚗 Driving In Cabo :
If you plan to rent a car during your trip, numerous car rental options await you, primarily at the airport and select major cities. While driving in Mexico can be challenging due to the occasional recklessness of some drivers, it largely follows familiar road rules. Keep your attention on your surroundings, adhere to traffic regulations, and stay mindful of other drivers to reach your destination safely.

⛽️ At The Gas Station :
Gas stations in Mexico operate differently from what you might be used to. Here, attendants will handle the gas pumping at no extra cost. You can settle your gas bill with either cash or your credit/debit card. Additionally, gas station attendants may offer extra services like cleaning your windshield, checking your oil, or tire pressure upon request. If you do request these additional services, consider offering a tip as a token of appreciation, which will undoubtedly make their day.

Los Cabos Guide: Must-Knows



The Importance of Keeping Essential Numbers Handy

In the vibrant streets of Cabo San Lucas, a traveler’s paradise awaits, teeming with adventure and relaxation. Amidst the captivating experiences that this Mexican gem offers, it’s vital to ensure that you’re well-prepared for any unexpected situation. Here, we emphasize the significance of keeping essential contact numbers at your fingertips, providing peace of mind during your journey.

Safety First: Better Safe Than Sorry

Cabo San Lucas is renowned for its safety and hospitality towards tourists. However, as seasoned travelers know, it’s always prudent to have crucial contact information within reach. You never know when a minor hiccup or unforeseen circumstance might arise. Here’s why having these numbers readily available is a wise choice:

Emergency Preparedness: Swift Responses When Needed

Emergencies can happen anywhere, even in the most serene of destinations. In Cabo San Lucas, knowing how to reach the right authorities can make all the difference:

Canada Consulate – (624) 142 4333
U.S. Consulate – (624) 143 3566
Emergency – 911 from a local number
Fire Station San Lucas – (624) 143 3577
Fire Station San José del Cabo – (624) 142 2466
Migration – (624) 105 0976
Police Department – Cabo San Lucas & San José del Cabo 911
Road Assistance – (624) 125 3584 / 047 from a local number
Touristic Police – (624) 143 3977
Highway Patrol – (624)146-0573

These contact numbers serve as lifelines in times of need, ensuring a swift and efficient response to any situation.

Medical Care and Travel Assistance: Your Well-Being Matters

Your well-being is a priority while in Cabo San Lucas. Keep these hospital and medical assistance numbers handy:

Cabo San Lucas
AMC (American Medical Center) – (624) 143 4911
BlueNet Hospital Cabo San Lucas – (624) 104 3910
CMC (Cabo San Lucas Medical Center) – (624) 143 9728
H+ (Canadian Healthcare Council) – +52 (624) 104 9300
Hospiten Cabo San Lucas – (624) 245 6000

San José del Cabo
H+ (Canadian Healthcare Council) – +52 (624) 104 9300
Hospiten San José del Cabo – (624) 105 8550
Walk-in Clinic by BlueNet – (624) 105 2328

These numbers ensure that you receive prompt medical assistance in case of illness or injury during your stay.

Getting Around: Transportation Made Easy

Navigating the area is simple with these essential taxi and airline numbers:

Taxis – (624) 1225490 / San José del Cabo Airport
Taxis – (624) 142 0580 – San José del Cabo/Centro
Taxis – (624) 1420401 – Cabo San Lucas (Misión Los Cabos)

Aeroméxico – (55) 5133 4000
American Airlines – (55)-5209 1400
Alaska Airlines – +1 800 – 503 0101
Delta Airlines- +1 800 – 221 1212
Frontier Airlines – +1 800 – 432 1359
United Airlines – +1 800 – 864 8331
WestJet Airlines – +1 888 – 937 8538

Dialing Toll-Free Numbers: Simplifying Communication

When in Cabo San Lucas, dialing toll-free numbers becomes a breeze, To call an:

800 number, substitute with 880
888 number, substitute with 881
877 number, substitute with 882
866 number, substitute with 883
855 number, substitute with 884
844 number, substitute with 885

These substitutions make contacting customer service or assistance centers hassle-free, ensuring seamless communication with businesses and organizations.

These numbers ensure that your transportation needs are met swiftly and efficiently, whether you’re heading to or from Cabo San Lucas.

In conclusion, while Cabo San Lucas is known for its safety and charm, having these essential contact numbers on hand is a prudent choice. It’s better to be safe than sorry, ensuring that your journey remains worry-free and your experience in this captivating destination is nothing short of extraordinary.

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