Shade @ La Fortuna Beach Bar and Grill

About Us

Located in the stunning Baja California Sur, Shade @ La Fortuna Beach Bar and Grill emerges as a premier destination for both unparalleled drinks and breathtaking views. As a seasoned Cabo Magazine contributor, my latest discovery focuses on this exceptional spot in San Jose Del Cabo, where the fusion of expertly crafted beverages and mesmerizing landscapes offers a unique experience. Ideal for travelers seeking both culinary delights and visual wonders, this venue stands out as a must-visit for those exploring the beauty of Baja California Sur. Join me in unveiling the essence of Shade @ La Fortuna, where every sip comes with a view, making it a top pick for unforgettable dining and scenic enjoyment.

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SHADE @ La Fortuna Beach Bar & Grill

Address: Camino Cabo Este, La Palmilla, José María Chávez y prof. Burgoin Montaño, La Fortuna, 23551 San José del cabo, B.C.S.