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As the third trimester of the year came to a close, Los Cabos witnessed a remarkable surge in second home purchases, breaking records with an impressive increase in home prices over the year. Spearheading this exciting trend, Annette Greenwald, a seasoned real estate agent at ROYCE UNITED Real Estate, delves into the thriving market dynamics in the region.

It’s no surprise that Americans are at the forefront of the Los Cabos real estate market, with a growing number of buyers finding better deals on homes than what’s available on the California coast. A significant draw is the affordability of homes in Los Cabos compared to Southern California. While homes in cities like Newport Beach or Laguna Beach average over 7 million dollars, savvy investors can acquire a luxurious Cabo home for around 2 million to 4.5 million dollars, offering more amenities for their investment.

The proximity between Southern California and the Baja California Sur resort town further entices West Coast residents to flock to Cabo for their second homes. What’s even more appealing is that the prices for homes in both Los Cabos and Los Angeles in California have increased by about the same amount, making Cabo homes a compelling choice for value appreciation.


Beyond the lower home prices, living costs in Los Cabos are significantly cheaper than in Southern California. According to, a family of four in Newport Beach spends almost twice as much as they would in Los Cabos, making the destination a financially attractive choice for many.

Moreover, the allure of affordable amenities and services further cements the appeal of Los Cabos. From housekeeping to home services, Cabo boasts competitive rates, making it an enticing destination for second homeowners seeking value without compromising on luxury.

Luxury Realtor Annette Greenwald with ROYCE UNITED, Real Estate ensures that the dream of owning a personalized luxury home is within reach for buyers in Los Cabos. The region’s more relaxed building codes present an opportunity to craft truly exceptional and personalized luxury homes that cater to discerning tastes.

As more Americans than ever embark on the journey of owning second homes in Los Cabos, Annette Greenwald and her expertise at ROYCE UNITED Real Estate play a pivotal role in guiding clients towards this flourishing market. With an unrivaled combination of affordability, luxury, and lifestyle, Los Cabos continues to captivate the hearts of homebuyers seeking a piece of paradise in Mexico’s coastal gem.


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